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     Ceramic studies school Group "Sargadellos" La Coruna, Galicia Spain.

    Techniques at high temperatures (sandstone-porcelain) 1998.

    Technique in nuclear medicine.

    Workshops on direct carving in wood-Raquel Goya

    Marble sculpture studio-Juan Carlos Mercury

    Ceramic model shop. And techniques on glass-Vilma Villaverde.

    Introduction to the theater sets General San Martín-Jorgelina Flores.

    Shop windows-Carlos Bouza.

    Contemporary Jewellery, Mabel Pena


Currently works as a sculptor in marble carving for the City of Famailla-Province of Tucuman. Performing works for the province's cultural heritage.

Achievements designer for multinational record company Polygram albums Argentina.1993-2002

Design and manufacture to sales points scenic windows.

Design sets for press conferences for the artists of Polygram records. Some of the artists: Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Shusha, Maria Bethania, Caetano Veloso-Dyango-Ismael Rodriguez-Enrique Iglesias-Groups Anglo-(kiss-bon jovi-INXS-U2-Metallica-Domestic: Mercedes Sosa-Rodrigo, Liliana Herrero and others.

Investments for Sony Music.

Designs and logistics for the "Carlos Gardel Award" to the music.

1998 Personal Assistant to the master Libero Badii.

Workshop on cartapesta mask making and sculpture workshop - Courses taught at the School of arts and crafts of the Culture of the Municipality of Esteban Echeverría.

Conservation and restoration work of heritage statue Esteban Echeverría Municipality- Modelling direct cement signs the figure of Don Genaro Lazarte-author included in the theme park "Argentine Northwest musicians." Famailla-Province of Tucuman.

Cleaning of the four monuments of the sculptor Lola Mora Argentina, located in the square of the government of the province of San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina.

Prepare mural face at the transit home for victims of family violence. 16mx2m. Monte Grande-Esteban Echeverría-(painting, ceramics and glass).

Construction of two dry places for the people of Green Island-Province of Córdoba. They were carved in marble and worked as a team.

Carved wooden figure of a crucified Christ, located in the Chapel of San Cayetano Temperley-locality of Greater Buenos Aires.

Carved the image of the Miraculous Medal in wood, located in Altos de Chipiona-Province of Cordoba. Argentina.

Restoration of a mural 12m in length, belonging to the Jewish community currently located at Club Road Bethamjim-4-Alejandro Korn. Greater Buenos Aires.


International Jury for the competition on selling in the     Basque country, Spain.
Art Gallery "Innem" - City of Lomas de Zamora. "
Tournaments Bonaerenses - Children and the elderly-City of     Mt. Great. Of Esteban Echeverría.


Made more than 40 samples. Notes for various journalistic media. Radio-Television and national and foreign newspapers. Embassy of Japan. and so on.


 Since 1989 has been awarded several prizes and commendations for her sculptural work. For example: 1990-Art Honorable Mention Award from the     Society young artists.

- Third Prize Competitions 2000-compacted snow-Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
- Second prize room San Lorenzo San Martin Santa Fe Province.
- 2005-Award-National Bank National Competition woodcarving-San Martin, province of Chaco.
- 2010-First prize of the public vote meeting of sculptors Hamsemkam-Province of Entre Rios. Argentina.


Note: Participated in the construction and design of a suite for the Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi, Arctic Circle, Sweden together with the sculptoress Lele Trabb-de Santiago del Estero. The suite is called "Tango".
2017-Challenger 2017 - Whitehorse - Yucon Territory - Canada.
2016-Whitehorse Challege - "War is not a game" - Canada.
2016-Snowking 2016 - 1000 cranes for peace - Yellowknife - Canada.
2015-Challenge- Whitehorse Yucon Territory.Canada.
2015-First International snow Symposia - Second prize.
2015-Winter sports - Fort St John - BC - Canadá (Ice and packed snow).
2013-Festival Du Voyageur - Winnipeg - Canadá (packed snow)
2013-Challenger - Whitehorse Yucon - Canadá (packed snow)
2012-Gateway for the begin Randevou Festival Withehorse-Canada (work contrac)
2012-International Snow Simposium, Festival d´voyaguer.Winnipeg-Canada
2011-Challenger 2011 - Skills in packed snow, Whitehorse Yukon Territory, Canada.
2011-International Snow Symposium , Winnipeg, Canada.
2011-2010-Skills Challenge in packed snow, Yukon Territory. Withehorse-Canada.
2010-Performing work for the opening of Skyfestival. Edmonton, Canada.
2010-International Snow Symposium , Winnipeg, Canada.
2006-First International Snow Symposium in Saint Jean Port Jolie. Quebec. Canada
2001-Competition in packed snow, Franknemuth-Michigan-USA.
2000-Competition in packed snow , Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.


2022-International sculpture symposium Saint Beat-France-Agoust 2022  
2022-International sculpture simposium - Mármara Island- Turkey 
2022-International sculpture symposium- Saint Martín du Gers- France 
2017-Caransebes - Rumania - Simposio Internacional - Travertino y andesita. 
2016-International Symposium Changchun - STAINLESS STEEL - China 
2016-1° International Symposium of sculpture - Tabriz 2016 - Iran
2016-International Symposium Roldan - Santa Fe - Argentina
2015-International Symposium Colonia de arte - Danilovgrad-Montenegro
2015-International Symposium Coronel Xavier Chaves
2014-International Symposium of sculpture - Bemto Goncalves - Brazil (Granit).
2014-International Symposium of sculpture - Doha - Qatar (Marble)
2014-International Symposium of sculpture - Julienne - France
2014-1° International Symposium of sculpture - Masshad - Iran
2014-International Symposium of sculpture in Marble- Byuchekmekye - Estambul - Turkey
2012-International Symposium - Armstrong - Santa Fe - Argentina (marble)
2012-International Symposium - Laguna Paiva - Santa Fe - Argentina (marble)
2012-International Sculpture Symposium-Nono-Provincia de Còrdoba-Argentina-
2011-International Stone symposium, Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico.(Marble)
2011-International Sculpture Symposium Famailla-Province of Tucuman, Argentina (Travertine marble)
2011-International Symposium of sculpture in wood-Llanquihue, Chile.(cypress)
2011-International Sculpture Symposium , Nono, Córdoba-Argentina-(marble)
2010-International Sculpture Symposium Famailla. Tucumán. Argentina.
2010-National Meeting Hansemkamp sculptors. (Sandstone) Entre Ríos-Argentina
2010-National Meeting of sculptors. La Banda, Santiago del Estero province, Argentina(marble)
2010-Construction and Instalation in open space park cactus and mushrooms placed in situ. Nova Scotia, Canada.
2010-National Meeting of sculptors , Nono-Province of Córdoba.Argentina
2009-National Meeting of stone sculpture in the context of the "Summit of Nations" Mar del Plata-Argentina.
2009-First International Sculpture Symposium-(alabaster)-Santiago del Estero Province,Argentina
2009-First International Sculpture Symposium "desertification"-San Fernando de Catamarca, R. Argentina.
2009-Second International Symposium of sculpture Famailla-Province of Tucuman, Argentina.
2009-International Symposium of sculpture in marble, Roldan-Santa Fe, Argentina
2008-International Meeting granite sculpture in La Pedrera, Uruguay-
2008-International Symposium granite sculpture of the Andes-Valdivia, Chile.
2008-International Symposium marble sculpture in Puerto San Martin, Santa Fe,Argentina
2008- Design and construction of the restaurant "The Dragonfly"-Saint Jean Port Joli-Quebec-Canada.
2007-National Meeting of sculpture in wood-Villa Allende, Cordoba, Argentina-(algarrobo)
2007-International Symposium of sculpture in wood Unquillo-Province of Cordoba, Argentina(algarrobo)
2007-First meeting "Art and Nature," Intervention to Mount santiagueño-Termas de Río Hondo, Santiago del Estero Province,Argen.tina
2007-First International Symposium of sculpture. Calera-Salta-R. Argentina.
2006-National Meeting of sculptors Nono-Traslasierra-Province of Córdoba-Argentina.
2006-First International Symposium preselection of stone sculpture. Tiran-Iran
2006-Second-intervention Santiagueño Mount Termas de Río Hondo, Santiago del Estero Province. Argentina
2005-National Meeting of sculpture Nono-Cordoba. Argentina
2005-National Meeting Palpalá sculpture. Jujuy Province. Argentina.
2004-X Simpetra international symposium of sculpture in stone. Caldas Da Rainha, Portugal. Monument to those killed and missing during the             government military.6mx3m.
2004-National Meeting of sculptors San Martin de los Andes. Argentina.
2001-International Symposium in Wood-Asiago-Véneton Region-Italy-(Pine)
2001-International Symposium of sculpture in stone. Brusque-state of Santa Catarina-Brazil. Monument to the missing and murdered during the             military government in my country. "Memory", carved in marble.
            International Symposium on Wood San Martin de los Andes. Argentina.
            National Meeting of sculpture Termas de Rio Hondo-Tribute to the late-heart surgeon René Favaloro, Province of Santiago del Estero,             Argentina.
            National Meeting of sculpture Nono-Traslasierra-Cordoba.Argentina.

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